Excursion foiled again!

Pooches, things around our den have been somewhat out of the ordinary today.  My manservant attempted a walk/run this morning at his walk/run park but as soon as he arrived the rain resumed again and his walk/run was cancelled.  We had a night of stormy weather overnight and the rain continued off and on until late afternoon.  Accompanying the rain was a return to winter-like weather with chilly temperatures made even more uncomfortable by a brisk north wind and spitting rain.

My manservant dutifully attended his final academic pursuit lecture at his alma mater this morning.  When he returned he reported that the sun was peaking through the clouds at his alma mater and was surprised that we were still socked in here with fog and drizzle.  Thus, our planned excursion was nixed.

It wasn’t long before my womanservant appeared at our den to retrieve Starlight and take her away to the Gulf Coast for another long weekend of pooch agility trials.  I was left in charge in her absence and resigned myself to a weekend of caring for my manservant.

Because we were spending the weekend alone together, we decided to bake a ham for snacking over our long weekend.  My manservant procured said ham at the market and, after spending a couple of hours in the oven, the ham filled our den with wonderful smells!  Nibbling has taken place but a full sit-down meal is on the horizon.  Woo hoo!

After a bit of nibbling in late afternoon and when the rain had stopped, we ventured outside for an “excursion around our back hard” in order to stretch our legs from a day of sitting.  It wasn’t a substitute for an excursion but the brisk air freshened our senses and prepared us for a night of lazily sitting in front of a toasty fire while reading.


It is good to get outside after being cooped-up all day because of the rain.

I’m posing in front of one of the beds my manservant worked so hard on yesterday.

Say, that ham you cooked this afternoon for our weekend snacking is quite tasty.

Got another piece of ham?

The Rose of Sharon took quite a beating in the overnight storms.

Every time you get our back yard looking quite smart another thunderstorm visits!

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