Excursionless Tuesday

Pooches, sorry I’m late posting today but our day(s) of rest continues and I’m a wee bit tardy today.  Somewhat sore from his vigorous yard work yesterday, my manservant made a brave attempt at his early morning walk/run and managed to complete most of it.  He decided to declare today to be a day of reading Don Quixote when he returned to our den.

Starlight and I were fine with that decision because we are still recovering from our busy weekend.  We were pleased when he suggested that we have breakfast at the picnic bench but his menu was less than desirable until we discovered that the collard greens had ample ham hocks buried in them.  Starlight and I chowed down on the ham hocks while my manservant ate greens and cucumber finger sandwiches.  Ugh!

We spent our afternoon lounging about our den while my manservant read his rather large book by a fellow named Cervantes.  Before we knew it, suppertime was upon us and was quickly in our bellies.  We enjoyed a bit of playful time in our back yard before coming inside and putting on our pajamas for the evening.

Goodnight pooches.


Collard greens and cucumber finger sandwiches for breakfast? You’ve got to be kidding.

A rare inside lunch with a PB&J (strawberry preserves) and a glass of cow juice. Woo hoo!

I voted. Did you?

That was a fine supper! I think I’ll spend some time now protecting our back yard from those pesky squirrels.

Starlight poses under the newly blooming Rose of Sharon.


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