Productive Monday

Pooches, we’ve had quite a day at our den.  Starlight proclaimed a day of rest today following her three-day agility competition this weekend.  I welcomed the day of rest following my busy day yesterday consoling my manservant during the all day stormy weather.  My manservant, on the other hand, threw himself into yard work all morning following his return from his walk/run park.

He continued his Paul Bunyan-like activity of last week by cutting down and hauling off a diseased tree in our back yard.  Following completion of those activities he manipulated the lawn manicuring machine over our entire yard and, as lunchtime arrived, moved our picnic bench to its summer location and pronounced his work finished for the day.

A fine lunch was prepared to celebrate the busy morning.  We were soon enjoying smothered liver and onions with rice at the newly-relocated picnic bench.  Following lunch, wash day duties were completed and my manservant convinced Starlight and me to pause our day of rest for a brief excursion to my overlook to check on the leaning tree after yesterday’s ferocious storms.

We were pleased to see my leaning tree still standing, although the lean was even more severe.  Starlight and I decided we had the energy for a bit of sniffing and strolling around my overlook.  The weather was bright and cool and a good time was had by all.  We proclaimed our excursion a success.

We’ve returned to our den where Starlight is undertaking an afternoon nap.  My manservant has crawled to his reading chair where he is intently reading Don Quixote.  I shall nap.


We’re enjoying our celebration luncheon of our picnic bench’s move to its summer location and my manservant’s morning of productive yard work by enjoying smothered liver and onions on rice. Hooray!


This stump looks more like a 10 year-old pear tree rather than the 2,000 year old sequoia you said you cut down.

Yesterday’s fierce storms pushed my leaning tree a little farther.

If you’re not going to look at me I’m not going to look at you, Mr. Duck.

Sunshine, I’m going to wait my turn to get in that hammock.

Starlight, go tell my manservant that his clothes on the clothesline are dry.

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