Ho-hum Monday

Pooches, I could tell my manservant was going to be lazy today because he failed to go on his morning walk/run.  He said he needed to prepare for both his academic pursuit on Thursday and his academic responsibilities this weekend.  He did neither.  Instead, we lounged about our den most of the morning.

A visit to the market in late morning yielded lunch and dinner supplies.  When we finally paraded out to our picnic bench we were accompanied by meatloaf, garlic mash with green peas, and garlic bread.  Hooray!  It was a fine meal enjoyed by all.

I think my manservant was considering not having an excursion today but he finally worked up the energy and Starlight and I breathed a sigh of relief before hopping into the Hybridmobile.  Nonetheless, it was a rather ho-hum excursion at my overlook.  The weather was quite nice but the gusty wind made the rather nippy air feel even colder and our sniffing and strolling about was rather limited.

There’s not much else to report today, pooches.


We’re starting with the meatloaf before we move on to garlic mash (with a wee bit of green peas) and garlic bread!

There are a lot of humans at Sunshine’s overlook today.

Let’s go see if he’s catching any fish.

I know you’re behind me, Sunshine. You’d better not push me in!

Starlight, I’m afraid it won’t be long before it takes the plunge.

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