Excursion completed before the heavy rain starts

Pooches, my manservant declared this morning that today was going to be another cocooning day.  Returning  to our den after a weak attempt at his walk/run in the walk/run park, he selected a few books and plopped down on the Davenport.  Starlight and I joined him while we occasionally checked the weather radar for indications of approaching rain.

In late morning I spotted rain approaching within the hour and urged everyone to the Hybridmobile quickly for our excursion.  The Hybridmobile glided to a spot near my overlook and pulled off of the pavement up to the shoreline of my Rez.  Starlight and I enjoyed our inspection of the waterfront but noted the smells were not as keen as usual.  Nevertheless, we found a few scent that were certainly noteworthy and enjoyed our activity immensely!

Pooches, as we were wrapping up our excursion a light rain began to fall.  Just as we took our stations in the Hybridmobile the heavens opened up yielding a heavy downpour.  Not wanting to get its paws stuck in the mud, the Hybridmobile frantically returned to the pavement.  We arrived safely at our den a short time later and found that the rain hadn’t made it that far.  Lunch proved to be a rerun of yesterday except we were able to enjoy the matzo ball soup and boeuf tenderloin at our picnic bench.

Here’s to an afternoon of continued cocooning!


I guess the rain yesterday washed away many of the smells.

Starlight, I found some good scents up here.

I think I’ll try and catch a few fish for our lunch.

I hope one day Starlight will find a goose that will play with her!

My red clover is putting on quite a show this spring.

The Hybridmobile hurries to get back on the pavement as heavy rain begins to fall at the end of our excursion.


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2 Responses to Excursion completed before the heavy rain starts

  1. Is one of your dogs a Westie JRT X? She looks very similar to my girl who is Westie /jrt.

  2. Bill says:

    No, they are pure reds. I have seen a Westie/jet that looks much like Sunshine who has all the coarse fur.

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