A Good Friday post

Pooches, it’s Good Friday.  For our den that meant no walk/run, no yoga class, no lunch because we’re fasting, and no excursion.  All in all a dismal day.  We journeyed to a nearby village for the Good Friday liturgy and returned to our den with long faces and a melancholy look about us.  Each time my manservant would leave the room, Starlight would start telling jokes in an effort to make me laugh.  My resolve was firm and I didn’t crack so much as a smile (well, there was one time but it was a really funny joke!).

Finally, when my manservant and womanservant returned to our den for the evening we could stand our somber day no longer and went outside to enjoy a bit of play in the tunnel.  It was fun.

I’m not sure how Holy Saturday and Silent Saturday will play out, pooches.  We’ll see.  You can bet that I’ll see you Easter!


I come zooming out of the tunnel (notice the blur) before Starlight.

Starlight emerges from the tunnel at her usual leisurely pace.


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