My good ol’ manservant

Pooches, today being academic pursuit day, Starlight and I knew there would be no excursion today.  He headed to his alma mater for a three-hour lecture in mid-morning as usual.  When he returned in mid-afternoon, he said he had a surprise for Starlight and me.  Pooches,  it was lunch accompanied by the promise of an excursion!  Woo hoo! My good ol’ manservant!

We happily scurried out to our picnic bench and dined on the egg rolls and garlic noodle soup.  Starlight and I were particularly fond of the egg rolls!  After the lunch dinnerware had been washed, dried and returned to the cupboard, we all hopped in the Hybridmobile which took us to my manservant’s walk/run park.  Summertime seemed to make its first real appearance today and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves quite hot after strolling around the park.

Starlight and I have continued our afternoon naps after returning to our den.


Clear noodle soup and chicken egg rolls with plum sauce makes a fine mid-afternoon lunch!

Starlight, I love the smell of freshly mown grass.


Sunshine, I’ll bet this is the work of aliens!

Strolling along the creek bank provides us with a gazillion smells.

Sunshine, I’m ready to resume our afternoon naps.

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