The pouting continues…

Pooches, there was no excursion today around these parts.  My manservant, after spending three hours upside down in his teeth vet’s chair yesterday with no progress being made, continued his pouting routine today.  He announced early this morning that he had no intention of going on his walk/run and planned to spend the day on our Davenport reading Shakespeare.  Starlight and I were quite concerned.

He finally perked up in mid-morning and embarked on gardening duties.  His efforts were quite productive and we now have a fully stocked herb stand with summer squash and eggplant poised to cascade over the side.

When lunchtime arrived my manservant headed to the kitchen and prepared PB&J and pimento cheese sandwiches (on whole wheat, of course).  In our customary fashion, we paraded out to the picnic bench with the sandwiches and a glass of milk and enjoyed our picnic lunch (aided by the pooch treats Starlight wisely brought with her).

The remainder of our day was marked by much napping, a visit from Molly’s manservant, and a wee bit of frolicking in our back yard.

See you tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday!


It’s time for the ‘alright’ command!

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