Monday, Monday, Monday, yuk!

Pooches, Mondays always seem to hit you hard in the face!

My manservant returned from an extra-long walk/run this morning an announced that another early excursion was necessary because, in addition to his yoga class, he had an appointment with his teeth vet thereafter.  Starlight and I were well into our morning naps but quickly scampered to the Hybridmobile and were escorted efficiently to my school park.

What an excursion it was!  There were plentiful smells and many pooches were visiting my school park.  I welcomed all of them and then turned my attention to sniffing the many scents that abounded on this spring morning.

We returned to our den and my manservant headed to his yoga class.  When he returned many hours later after his visit to his teeth vet my manservant was not a very happy camper!  It seems that everything that could go wrong went wrong.  Uh oh.

My manservant is pouting out on the patio now.  Starlight and I have concluded the best course of action is to stay far away.


The authorities need to fill in these hole before a pooch gets hurt!

We’re having another day of plenteous smells.

I’m not gonna look at the camera, I’m not gonna look at the camera, I’m not gonna look at the camera, I’m not gonna look……

Your Spigelia is putting on quite a show.


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