Early Friday excursion

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his early morning walk/run he suggested that we take an excursion immediately.  It seems a combination of being yoga class day and a wonderfully chilly spring weather motivated him to continue his outdoor walking.  Starlight and I headed to the Hybridmobile right away which shuttled us to my overlook.

What an excursion it was!  The weather was perfect, albeit a wee bit chilly, and the smells were abundant.   Starlight and I frolicked to and fro between serious sniffing sessions.

Upon our return to our den my manservant prepared whole wheat waffles with maple syrup and sausage patties.  Woo hoo!  We generously allowed my manservant to eat the entire waffle (maple syrup makes our fur sticky) while Starlight and I shared the sausage.

My manservant has headed to his yoga class.  Starlight and I are preparing for our afternoon naps ahead of schedule.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.  My manservant has promised us a special excursion!


Sunshine, I can tell there is a bumper crop of smells at your overlook this morning!

It’s a wee bit chilly but otherwise it’s going to be a fine day for our excursion.

Mind the thistle, Starlight. Those thorns will really hurt your nose.

Darn. More of my overlook has fallen into my Rez.

Sunshine, that pine tree must have been struck by lightning.

Starlight looks at my arboretum on our ride back to our den.

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