Still soggy

Pooches, today has been quite a day!  My manservant departed early this morning to attend an appointment with his teeth vet.  He returned much earlier than usual and began tending chores around our den.  It was mid-morning when we heard a loud commotion outside.  We all scampered to the front yard and saw a frightening sight:  a creature was headed towards us eating our street!!  Starlight fled to our back yard.  I hurriedly returned inside to notify the authorities!  Pooches, it turns out it WAS the authorities and they were kind enough to be repaving our lane.  Whew.

Starlight decided she would become the construction foreman for the project and barked orders from the back of our Davenport while looking out the window all morning.  When lunchtime arrived, Starlight dismissed the work crew and we hopped into the Hybridmobile for lunch and an excursion.  My manservant said our excursion must be limited to a paved area because of the continued soggy conditions.  My boundary park was selected for our destination.

A fine lunch of leftover boeuf eye of rib (my manservant had vegetable sushi) was enjoyed by Starlight and me in the Hybridmobile’s boot when we arrived.  Water was standing in large puddles all around so we decided to “stroll” from the back seat of the Hybridmobile.  It was rather disappointing, pooches.  Very few smells were detected.  A least our paws were dry when we returned to our den.

Starlight has resumed her construction foreman duties and I am headed for an afternoon nap.


Call the authorities!! That thing is eating our street!!

Isn’t it time for our excursion?

We pooches enjoy boeuf eye of rib while my manservant sticks with vegetable sushi.

It looks kind of tempting even if it is sushi.

Starlight always like to study the educational signs.

Starlight supervises the operation from the back of our Davenport.


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