Late and soggy excursion

Pooches, what a night we had last night!  Before bedtime the storms arrived and we were treated to an all-night round thunder and lightning accompanied by copious amount of rain and fierce winds.  When morning arrived and most of the rain had departed, my manservant waded outside and emptied our rain gauge.  He reported that we had over 153mm of rain overnight!  It wasn’t long before he departed for his morning walk/run.  When he returned he shared with us that it was abbreviated because much of his multi-use trail was covered with either water or mud.  As soon as we saw his rear paws we sent him to the tub for a bath because they were covered with mud.

The soggy conditions outdoors prevented an excursion today so Starlight and I napped.  My manservant headed to his yoga class.  Upon his return he treated us to spanakopita for our lunch before heading outside to clean up from the storm debris.  Starlight and I napped.

Just before suppertime my manservant urged us to take a stroll around the poochhood.  It was nice to stretch our legs after napping all day and we returned refreshed to dive into supper (turkey).

Hopefully it will dry out sufficiently tomorrow to allow for a proper excursion.


Starlight, it’s pretty boggy out here but if we stay on the pavement our paws won’t get too wet.

Sunshine, the late afternoon SUNSHINE is too bright on my eyes.

“Starlight, there were three pooches who walked into a bar…”

It’s suppertime!!!!!!


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