Finally Friday

Pooches, it has been a weird week at our den.  Today was in keeping with the previous few days because nothing seemed to contribute to the normalcy that Starlight and I prefer.  My manservant tried his best to work in a walk/run early this morning but I don’t think it was very successful.  Starlight left our den early to pay a visit to her groomer.  Today was also a yoga class day but my manservant had to wait for two kindly plumber gentlemen to arrive to repair a fractious loo.  The gentlemen arrived too late for my manservant to attend his yoga class but we enjoyed the jovial behavior of the repair gentlemen and my manservant apparently had a grand time instructing them on the proper ways of repairing a loo.  I’m not sure they were appreciative of his detailed instructions.

Starlight and I looked forward to having an excursion but the loo servicers were late leaving our den.  When Starlight was finally retrieved from her groomer we hoped for an excursion but my manservant said he had other obligations and promised that we could take an after supper excursion when he returned to our den.  That was soon to happen after his return and Starlight and I enjoyed our normal dinner service followed by a grand stroll through the poochhood.  We were all excited to see that the authorities have finally decided to follow my advice and resurface the lanes in our poochhood.  The Hybridmobile was quite thrilled to hear the news.  There’s no doubt the Hybridmobile will be testing all of the lanes as soon as they are repaired.

We’re at home alone with my manservant this weekend because my womanservant has decided to take a trip to Elvistown.   Was I invited?  No.


See your tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!


Give the ‘alright’ command and these sausages will reside in our stomachs in no time!

You do this every time we have gumbo. If that crab claw bites my nose I’m gonna bite your hand!

Starlight shows off her new furdo after returning from her groomer.

We’re headed out through the poochhood for our after supper “excursion”.

Starlight, after all my calls to the authorities they have finally started repairing the lanes in the poochhood.  Hooray!



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