A potpourri excursion!

Pooches, it has been an odd day around our den.  Fierce thunder and lightning kept us awake for much of the night leaving us quite tired and sleepy all day today.  My manservant decided to cut his academic pursuit class because he was afraid he would fall asleep during the lecture!  As a matter of fact, when he returned from his tardy walk/run this morning he joined us in our morning naps.

When we awoke from naptime it was lunchtime.  My manservant withdrew kohlrabi slaw from the icebox.  Starlight and I immediately headed to the pooch treat pantry to find something we could eat.  We munched on pooch treats while my manservant munched on his kohlrabi slaw.  Finishing lunch, my manservant suggested that we accompany him on an errand to a nearby village because it was too wet outdoors from last night’s rain for an excursion.  Starlight and I agreed and hopped in the Hybridmobile.

Pooches, what followed was an odd excursion for the books.  The Hybridmobile took us to numerous places in the nearby village, all of which were unsatisfactory for strolling.  After making many stops we eagerly returned to our den to start belated afternoon naps.

We’re looking forward to bedtime tonight, pooches!


Are you trying to railroad us into an odd excursion?

I don’t want to claim this as MY park, Starlight. You can have it.

This is too soggy for me. I’m going back to the Hybridmobile.

What kind of place have you brought us to now?

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