Excursion just under the wire

Pooches, it has been quite the normal Monday around our den.  My manservant started the day with his wash day duties before heading out for his morning walk/run at his walk/run park.  When he returned he tended to some academic pursuit reading before heading to his yoga class.  Starlight and I had good, long morning naps through these activities.

Lunchtime arrived and my manservant headed to the kitchen.  Apparently it was leftover Monday because Starlight and I had a rerun of Saturday night’s boeuf eye of rib while my manservant ate fried chicken, turnip greens and crackling bread from yesterday’s lunch.

After lunch dishes had been washed, dried, and replaced in the cupboard, we all climbed in the Hybridmobile to enjoy a dandy excursion.   Pooches, when the Hybridmobile arrived at my overlook a light rain began to fall.  We agreed to ignore it and headed down the hill to the waterfront.  We engaged in much sniffing and occasional barks as we strolled the length of my overlook.

The timing of our excursion couldn’t have been better because as we returned to our den a much heavier rain began falling and was soon accompanied by thunder and lightning.  It looks like we will be engaging in heavy napping this afternoon while my manservant returns to his reading after completing his wash day duties.


My manservant’s lunch was fried chicken, turnip greens, crackling bread while Starlight and I chose boeuf eye of rib.

There are a lot of wildflowers blooming at my overlook.

I guess Spiderwort doesn’t smell.

I’m glad to see that my leaning tree is putting on new leaves this spring.

Starlight, you need to face the camera for the picture.

What was that noise?

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