Early excursion due to academic pursuit

Pooches, good news from our den!  Starlight and I thought we would go without an excursion today because Thursdays are usually devoted to my manservant’s academic pursuit activities.  When he returned from his morning walk/run, my manservant declared that we would have an immediate excursion!   Woo hoo!  Starlight and I immediately scurried to the back seat of the Hybridmobile and buckled ourselves in.

The Hybridmobile felt it would be a good morning to visit my school park.  It glided down the lane and, after a smooth journey, pulled into a selected parking space.  Starlight and I bounded to the shoreline and had a grand time sniffing the scents and barking at seagulls.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely and the time passed quickly.   My manservant soon announced that we must return to our den in order for him to make it to his alma mater on time.

Starlight and I resumed our morning naps as my manservant departed for his academic pursuit.  He finally returned in mid-afternoon after stopping at his fish monger’s place of business to acquire nice filets for tonight’s fayre.


I can tell it is going to be a fine day at my Rez.

Starlight, mind this hole over here. I don’t think it has a bottom.

Sunshine, why do the seagulls always fly away from us?

Those seagulls sure do add to the superfluity of smells at my school park!

I wish this was our back yard.

It’s time for my manservant to go to his academic pursuit.


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