Another excursionless day!

Pooches, my manservant awoke this morning with nothing on his mind except cleaning up our storage shed.  He did take an abbreviated walk/run before heading to our back yard to begin his task.

Starlight and I stayed far away and napped inside most of the morning.  My manservant came inside in the late morning to don his yoga costume and head to his yoga class.  When he returned from yoga he said he would be occupied all afternoon and we would have to miss our excursion today.   Starlight and I ventured outside to await lunch at our picnic bench and found an empty shed and our back yard covered with all manner of junk!  When my manservant brought us lunch (a ham and cheese on rye),  Starlight gave him an earful because junk was surrounding her agility jumps.  My manservant promised to remove them before the end of the day.

Starlight and I are staying inside this afternoon while my manservant continues his task.


We’re gathered at the picnic bench to enjoy a ham and cheese on rye for lunch.

Put the camera down and let’s EAT!

You’re “clean out the storage shed day” seems to have backfired.

I’m going to nap here this afternoon while you go and clean up the mess you made in our back yard.

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