Excursionless pizza

Pooches, drat this weather!  Our return to winter continues today and we are confined to our den because of the cold.  My manservant did manage to execute a bundled up walk/run this morning before heading to our library for continued academic responsibilities preparation.  Starlight and I tried on a couple of occasions to venture outdoors but those attempts were short-lived because of the cold temperature.  We knew then that an excursion today was unlikely.

A kindly gentleman arrived at our den in mid-morning to make repairs on our den’s washing machine.  Starlight and I performed admirably during the repair process and barked furiously until he finally departed.

My manservant emerged from our library in late morning and headed to the market to acquire supplies for lunch and dinner.  Starlight and I cheered as he returned and placed a pizza in the oven to cook.  Being miserable outdoors, we all agreed that we could enjoy our pizza on the Davenport.  It was quite tasty, pooches!

My manservant has returned to our library for continued preparation.  I guess Starlight and I will nap.


Isn’t that kind of a small pizza for the three of us?

Woo hoo! We get the pepperoni and you get the onions and olives.

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