Dreary day redeemed!

Pooches, it has been a cold and grey winter day in these parts.  My manservant tended to his early morning walk/run this morning in a persistent mist.  When he returned to our den he suggested that because much rain was headed in this direction for later today and, after he had warmed up, an early excursion was in order.  Starlight and I made plans for our excursion while my manservant warmed himself in a hot bath.

After bustling about the kitchen, my manservant said excursion time had arrived.  We headed to the Hybridmobile with a bowl of smoked turkey to serve as our breakfast.  The Hybridmobile, apparently in a frisky mood, carried us to one of my lesser-known and rarely visited parks, my park-behind-a-school.  Starlight and I sniffed briefly before selecting a picnic table at which we could enjoy our smoked turkey.  Despite having occupied the icebox since last Christmas it was quite tasty!

With breakfast in our bellies we then enjoyed a thorough sniffing around my rarely visited park.  The smells were top-notch!

Hope you’re keeping warm and dry, pooches!


You never know what is going to show up in my parks.

You might want to get your hand out of the way. NOW!

What makes you think you get to eat the turkey leg?

How nice! The authorities are planting a garden for me!

I wonder whether I should sing or do a dramatic reading?

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