Errand-filled excursion

Pooches, we awoke this morning to a wee bit of rain and thunder.  I thought I might be occupied for much of the day comforting my pack but it was short-lived.  My manservant we able to head to his walk/run park on time despite a few remaining sprinkles.

Knowing that today was a day for his yoga class, my manservant suggested that we work in our excursion after running a few errands before yoga.  Starlight and I were agreeable and headed to the Hybridmobile.  The Hybridmobile carried out our errand-running mission in its usual efficient manner.  Our last stop was at a bagel café where a lox and bagel with bagel chips was obtained for breakfast.  The Hybridmobile then carried us to my log cabin park where we dined on one of the picnic tables.  Starlight and I, of course, chose to eat the bagel chips only because lox and red onions always gives us bad breath.

When finished with breakfast we performed our usual inspection of my log cabin followed by a stroll though the woods and a wee bit of frolicking in a field of wildflowers.  We returned to our den with ample time left for my manservant to attend his yoga class.

The sun has finally emerged from behind the clouds leaving us with ample SUNSHINE!  It should be a fine afternoon.

See you on Silent Saturday, pooches!


Don’t breathe too deeply in your yoga class because eating the lox, red onions and capers is sure to make your breath deadly to your fellow yogis!

I love walking in the woods after a rain shower.

The authorities need to use a brush, soapy water and some elbow grease on my log cabin.

Starlight pensively poses in a field of wildflowers near my log cabin.

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