Poochhood litter patrol

Pooches, it was another academic pursuit day for my manservant and Starlight and I realized our chance at an excursion was slim.  When my manservant returned from his early morning walk/run he immediately changed out of his walk/run costume and into his academic pursuit costume.  We headed to our morning nap locations as he departed.

His return was near mid-afternoon and Starlight and I clamored for an excursion, not having had any excitement at all today.  My manservant agreed but limited it to our poochhood.  Tomorrow, being rubbish day, it seemed logical to me to make our excursion a litter patrol and the suggestion was made.  Refuse bags were gathered and off we went down the lane.

Pooches, nothing of note happened on our excursion. Minimal litter was found.

We’re planning on a better excursion tomorrow.


The litter patrol is underway!

No litter has been spotted so far.

Sunshine, some kind of creature is emerging from the ground!!!!!

These flowers have just started to bloom.

We’re back at our den and ready to resume afternoon naps.

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