Early excursion to beat the rain

Pooches, rain is in the forecast and is nearing our doorstep.  My manservant headed out for his walk/run extra early this morning in order for us to get all our outdoor activities that we had planned for today finished before the storms arrived.   When he returned to our den he retrieved the lawn manicuring machine and spent a bit of time in outside chores.  Upon completion of his lawn manicuring, my manservant suggested that we embark on our excursion as soon as he prepared breakfast to take with us for a breakfast picnic.  Woo hoo!

A grilled cheese and ham on rye was prepared, followed by a peanut butter and strawberry on white.  Starlight asked my manservant to see if we had any boeuf franks in the refrigerator.  They were located and added to our picnic basket along with pooch treats.

The Hybridmobile was soon loaded and we merrily traveled down the lane toward my Trace.  Our first stop was my sunken trace park where we could take advantage of the picnic area.  A table was selected and covered with our tablecloth.  Breakfast was spread on the table and, after posing for pictures, we enjoyed an early feast.

As soon as we had completed breakfast my manservant ushered us back into the Hybridmobile for the short drive to my overlook.  Pooches, the smells were abundant and made up for yesterday’s absence of smells.  We headed to the waterfront and walked the entire length of my overlook.  It was quite the excursion and a good time was had by all.


The cloudy skies are making the light in our picnic area strange this morning.

Hooray! My dewberries are blooming!

Darn. More of my overlook is falling into my Rez.

Some scents are so good they need to be sniffed in tandem.

Starlight, you watch for ‘gators while I get a drink of water.

It’s going to be a long walk back to the Hybridmobile.


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