Windy excursion

Pooches, the winds of March have arrived!  My manservant reported that they were quite gusty on his morning walk/run at his walk/run park.  They have been gusty all day.  Perhaps Phoenix the kite will have to make an appearance soon!

My manservant had many errands to run today and he left shortly after his return from the aforementioned walk/run.  It wasn’t until lunchtime that he returned with a Hybridmobile full of items he had acquired during the execution of errands.  A ham and cheese on rye was quickly prepared and consumed at our picnic bench before we hopped in the Hybridmobile for our excursion, hoping to beat lurking rain showers.  The Hybridmobile purred to my school park where we struggled against the strong wind blowing onshore.  All the geese and ducks had fled the water and found shelter on dry ground because my Rez was filled with strong waves splashing to and fro!  We enjoyed a long stroll along the waterfront.  Smells were non-existent because of the strong wind.

We’re back at our den where Starlight says she is planning on an all-afternoon nap to rest from her busy agility work this weekend.  I might as well join her.


Aren’t you going to sit down and eat?

Starlight is about to catch her duck friends.

My Rez is a wee bit on the choppy side today!

I hate it when the wind messes up my fur.

Come on, Starlight. Let’s run up the hill.

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