Frightful Tuesday

Pooches, we were awakened this morning to the roar of thunder and lightning as a line of heavy thunderstorms moved through the land.  It was quite frightful, pooches, and I had my paws full trying to console and reassure my pack.  After an hour or so the thunder moved off in the distance and we were left with spitting rain.  My manservant, still ailing from his head cold, decided to give his walk/run the “ol’ college try” but to no avail.  As soon as he began the activity the rain returned with rumbles of thunder in the distance.

We all agreed that it was probably going to be a day spent indoors and decided to make the best of it.  My manservant retrieved a weighty book from our library and Starlight and I curled up on either side of him as he read through the morning.

It was near our normal excursion time when the fiercest storm of them all arrived.  Hail began to fall accompanied by bolts of lightning striking all around our den.  I tried my best to console my manservant and Starlight but I must admit that even I was a wee bit concerned about our safety.

When the storm finally had run its course my manservant, in a continuing attempt to find a culinary cure for his cold, changed the direction of his research from onions and garlic to a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

I’m afraid more storms will be returning this afternoon so I’m planning an early nap before they arrive.


Fetch some more crackers.  It's hard for pooches to eat soup on the Davenport.

Fetch some more crackers. It’s hard for pooches to eat soup on the Davenport.


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One Response to Frightful Tuesday

  1. Himadri Negi says:

    Take care all of you!

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