Blown excursion!

After returning from his morning walk/run, my manservant attacked his leaf-gathering duties in the front yard.  Starlight and I noted he began with quite a bit of gusto and we concluded he was determined to be finished by the end of the day with all leaf-gathering for the season.

He wasn’t quite finished when he said it was time for yoga class and departed.  It wasn’t long before he returned to our den because he had forgotten his yoga class had been cancelled for the holiday.  Leaf-gather resumed.

It was early afternoon when the last of the leaves had been gathered.  My manservant said we could combine our excursion with conducting a few errand which included a trip to the market to obtain the necessary ingredients for tonight’s fare:  Cock-a-leekie!  Woo hoo!   While at the market he chose egg rolls for our lunch.  The Hybridmobile then purred to our pooch food store where a dandy supply of boeuf and turkey was obtained.

With our errand completed, the Hybridmobile then took us to my Rez for our excursion.  It stopped in a proper parking area but my manservant soon realized that Starlight’s leash was still in my womanservant’s Hybridmobile II because it had accompanied them our their road trip this past weekend.  Starlight insisted she didn’t need a leash and we could still walk about the shoreline sniffing.  My manservant thought otherwise and we returned to our den excursionless.

The egg rolls were cooked and we had a fine meal at our picnic bench.  Starlight and I are nap-bound while my manservant putters in the kitchen with his Cock-a-leekie preparation.


I hope you procured an adequate supply of our pooch food.

I hope you procured an adequate supply of our pooch food while you were in there.

I think you burned a wee bit of our eggrolls!

I think you burned a wee bit of our eggrolls!

It is past time for you to say 'alright'.

Sunshine, I sure do enjoy eating at our picnic bench!

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