Icy excursion

Pooches, winter still is in control.  It was very cold this morning with snow and ice threatening.  My manservant once again opted for his gym instead of his walk run park.  He hopped in the protesting Hybridmobile which finally grumbled its way to the gym.  After spending much time on the treadmill, stationary velocipede, and sweating in the sauna, they returned to a poochhood with rooftops that were turning white from heavy sleet.  A steaming bowl of porridge was prepared and we plopped on the Davenport to enjoy our breakfast.

Lively banter was exchanged as we ate the hearty fare.  Sufficiently warmed from the porridge, we decided that an early excursion was in order before the carriageways became treacherous.  Jackets were gathered and we hopped in the reluctant Hybridmobile.  The Hybridmobile pointed out that the carriageways would be rivers of ice and it was staying put!  My manservant finally coaxed the Hybridmobile out of its house and onto the lane in front of our den.  Pooches, the roads were quite safe but that fact did not stop the Hybridmobile from complaining throughout our excursion.

Sleet was pouring down but each time we reached one of my parks it would turn to rain which kept us confined to the cranky Hybridmobile.  We finally resigned ourselves to only sightseeing from the Hybridmobile.  The boredom from our confinement finally caused us to direct the Hybridmobile to the market where my manservant acquired a rack of ribs for lunch.  Woo hoo!

The picnic bench was out of the question with the cold north wind blowing and we enjoyed our feast at the ottoman in front of the fireplace.  It is now time for afternoon naps which Starlight and I plan to extend to dinnertime.

Stay warm, pooches!  See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday.


Well I'll be!

Well I’ll be!

Darn! My manservant will know all the places Starlight and I go this afternoon.

Darn! My manservant will know all the places Starlight and I go this afternoon.

We're ready for a tasty meal of barbecue ribs.

We’re ready for a tasty meal of barbecue ribs in the warmth of our den.

Here's an action shot of Westies catching their prey.

Here’s an action shot of Westies seizing their prey.

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