No excursion but it’s almost Christmas!

Pooches, in an unusual move my manservant and my womanservant both stayed at our den today getting ready for our Christmas weekend visitors (including my new favorite angel, the wee little one).  Starlight and I knew from the start that our routine was going to be thrown out of the window when my manservant and womanservant began scurrying to and fro around our den preparing for our holiday visitors and taking care of the numerous tasks they had on their lists of errands.  Given the circumstances, Starlight and I both agreed than an excursion was not necessary today. because of the preparation activities underway.

Starlight and I decided the best thing we could do was enjoy a day of watching old Christmas movies as we prepared for Fred and Buttons to join us for the holiday.  We’re still waiting for everyone’s late night arrival so Starlight and I are spending some time planning a schedule for entertaining our visitors.  It promises to be quite an exciting weekend, pooches.  Wish you could join us!


We love to watch old Christmas movies during the Christmas holidays!

Sunshine, how many times have we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”?


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