Academic responsibilities nix excursion

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his chilly walk/run this morning he said he was going to be in our library all day preparing for his academic responsibilities this weekend.  Starlight had departed with my womanservant to pay a visit to her groomer.  I was left on my own and I took advantage of the quiet for heavy-duty napping.

Starlight’s groomer called around excursion time and my manservant scurried to the Hybridmobile to retrieve her.  My hopes for a quick excursion squeezed in during Starlight’s retrieval failed to materialize but my disappointment was soothed when Starlight and my manservant returned with a huge sausage in hand.  It seems they had stopped by an establishment that specializes in barbecue and the acquisition had been made.  Said sausage was sliced and cooked with beans and we soon had a fine meal at our picnic bench.

This afternoon appears to be filled with more academic preparation and napping. Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow, pooches.


How many pictures do you have to take before we get to eat?

How many pictures do you have to take before we get to eat?

Sausages await!  Now you see them....

You can see the sausages.

Now you don't

Now you can’t!

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