Summertime and tofu tacos

Pooches, after making a couple of brief appearances this year, fall has disappeared and summer is still upon us.  My manservant headed to his walk/run park in shorts this morning grumbling about the heat.

Starlight and I had a ho-hum morning today because my manservant was busy running errands until lunchtime.  When he returned he headed to the kitchen to prepare our noon meal.  Pooches, you’re not going to believe what he cooked.  Tofu tacos.  I’m not kidding.  Tofu tacos!  Starlight and I chortled mightily when we were told.

A grand parade was held as the tofu tacos were ceremoniously carried out to the picnic bench.  Starlight and I stayed far away from the tofu tacos but joined in the meal with our pooch treats.  When the pooch treats had disappeared, Starlight and I marched in formation around our back yard chanting “tofu taco, tofu taco, tofu taco…” while my manservant continued to dine on his tofu tacos.  It was quite the scene!

We all agreed to abandon our excursion today.  Starlight said she wanted to sleep in during the afternoon.  My manservant said he was tired of running errands and wanted to read.  I was quite content to park myself on the Davenport

My manservant and I did journey to the nearby village fish monger in mid-afternoon to select fresh fish for tonight’s banquet.  We’re back at our den and I’m getting ready for snoozing time when I finish this post.

BTW pooches, my manservant said the tofu tacos were tasty.


Thank goodness for pooch treats!

Thank goodness for pooch treats!

I think I'll stay in the carriage while you obtain the redfish.

I think I’ll stay in the carriage while you obtain the redfish.


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