Excursion missed once again

Pooches, my manservant left early this morning for a ceremony of some sort in a distant village.  Starlight and I had gotten wind of his plans yesterday so we were prepared for a day alone.  My manservant didn’t return until mid-afternoon.  By that time the heat index was nearly 44°C!  Our weather is almost as uncivil as politics is these days, pooches.  We all agreed that a mid-afternoon excursion was out of the question in that kind of heat and chose to retire to our cool library where we had a grand time looking at old posts from my blog.   My manservant was particularly fond of the blog posts that had pictures of snow!

Tomorrow is Friday, pooches, and the rumour is that a cold front is reaching us tonight.  If it is true we will be celebrating ‘big time’ during our excursion tomorrow!


What do you mean that this is YOUR chair?

What do you mean that this is YOUR chair?

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