My manservant’s day off

Pooches, when my manservant arose this morning he told me that he was taking the day off and wasn’t planning on an excursion today.  It seems he had a difficult few days this weekend and wanted to spend the day away from the heat of the outdoors and the busy nature of our normal activities and opt for lounging about in our library.  Starlight and I had no choice but to assent.  My manservant promised he would prepare an extra-special lunch for us to carry to the picnic bench at lunchtime.

True to his word my manservant hardly lifted a finger all morning.  He refused to go on his walk/run.  He read a bit in our library and made a quick visit to his market to acquire various components for tonight’s dinner.  As soon as he returned from his Monday morning yoga class my manservant headed to the kitchen.  After a short time we heard a dish go into the oven and my manservant announced that lunch would be ready in 40 minutes.  We waited patiently (except for Starlight who keep trying to get a peek in the oven at our extra-special lunch) until we heard the kitchen timer.

Lunch was plated and we proudly paraded out to our picnic bench to discover lunch was a steamy re-fried bean enchilada!  Woo hoo!  Pooches, we learned the hard way that you have to let an enchilada cool off a wee bit after taking it from the oven before taking your first bite!

We’re lounging about our den now preparing for afternoon naps.  I do believe my manservant is going to join us in that activity this afternoon!


Are you going to eat the whole enchilada?

Are you going to eat the whole enchilada?

May I have another bite, please?

May I have another bite, please?

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