Slow motion Thursday

Pooches, we have had rain off and on ALL day!  My manservant declined to attend to his walk/run this morning and, instead, headed out to retrieve the manicuring machine from its storage and began manicuring our back yard despite the wet grass from the rain of the past few days.  As the back yard grass was becoming tamed, the skies opened and a heavy downpour began.  My manservant was not to be thwarted and he continued to walk behind the manicuring machine going back and forth in our back yard!   Starlight and I spied him through the library window and Starlight went immediately to grab my manservant’s new camera intending to capture the scene for my blog.  I quickly challenged her, noting that my manservant would be angry for quite some time if he saw her in the rain with his new camera.  Wisely, Starlight took my advice and instead of capturing the scene we enjoyed watching the spectacle through the window as he went to and fro in the heavy downpour.

The rain finally came to an end temporarily when he finished his appointed task and he came inside dripping profusely.  After the drying off had been completed and a dry costume donned, my manservant headed to the market for supplies for lunch.

Starlight and I were the beneficiaries of his heroic effort to tame the grass as he returned from the market with a large boeuf porterhouse!  Woo hoo!  A twice-baked potato was prepared as our boeuf sizzled on the fire.  We complimented my manservant on his dedicated work as we chomped heartily on our boeuf.

The rain returned off and on all afternoons, pooches, and all thoughts of an excursion today were dismissed.  I decided that I needed to make my blog a bit more upscale and requested my manservant to make a video for my blog today.  Be sure to click on the arrow to see my tribute to a slow motion kind of day (good luck if you’re using IE).  My videographer needs a bit of practice but I think I can get him to improve over time.

The rain is supposed to be with us for a while so we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings, pooches.


Let the feast begin!

Let the feast begin!

I'm over here in the dark. Let's eat!

I’m over here in the dark. Let’s eat!



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