Late post, pooches!

Computers!  You gotta love ’em and you gotta hate ’em!  Mine has been fractious today and has prevented me from posting my blog earlier.

My manservant headed out at a wee hour this morning for his walk/run at his walk/run park because he had an early appointment with one of his team of vets and was determined not to miss his morning exercise.  As soon as he returned to our den he changed out of his walk/run costume and donned his vet visiting costume and departed in the Hybridmobile.   While concerned that he would miss his Monday yoga class because of his vet visit, the concern was needless because the Hybridmobile eventually pulled up to our den with my manservant in tow in plenty of time for him to attend his yoga class.

After another costume change from his vet visiting costume to his yoga costume, the Hybridmobile faithfully and smoothly ushered him to his class.  Pooches, little did Starlight and I know that Mollie’s manservant would interfere with our excursion plans.  When my manservant returned after yoga he announced that today’s excursion was cancelled because Mollie’s manservant was going to visit and they planned to go to a barbecue establishment for lunch.  Of course, Starlight and I bellowed our disapproval but it was all for naught.  In an effort to mollify us, my manservant promised that he would return with a large pooch bag full of pulled pork!  It worked.

When they finally returned, Starlight and I were there with bowls awaiting.  What a treat it was, pooches.  It was some of the finest pulled pork that can be had.  No excursion today but at least we have full bellies!!

There’s another vet visit tomorrow on the calendar for my manservant but he promises that we will have a full, bona fide excursion tomorrow.  I’ll hold him to the promise.


Pulled pork is always a fine lunch!

Pulled pork is always a fine lunch!

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