Another back yard excursion

Pooches, yesterday my manservant awoke to a paw that was swollen and a wee bit painful (not his description).  He was wishing his paw vet was open for business, not wanting to wait until this morning.  Maggie, Starlight and I knew that a morning visit to his paw vet would blow our chances for an excursion.

By mid-morning today he said that it was not hurting as much and wanted to wait until later in the day to decide whether a visit to his vet was needed.  It was quite the dull morning around our den as we sat around while my manservant, who had the munchies, sat on the Davenport snacking on various snacks while occasionally grumbling about his paw.  Maggie, Starlight, and I were the occasional beneficiary of random bites that fell on the floor.

By lunchtime my manservant announced that it was too far too hot for an excursion today but that we could travel to the picnic bench and enjoy a lunch of stewed okra and tomatoes with a side of Shishito pepper poppers.  Starlight grabbed a bag of pooch treats on our way out of the door.  It was quite a short picnic because of hot and humid conditions.  We returned inside the den following the conclusion of lunch with all in agreement that it was going to a an afternoon of napping in the cool of our den.

Pooches, we can’t wait for fall weather!


We begin our lunch with pooch treats as an hors d'oeuvre.

We begin our lunch with pooch treats as an hors d’oeuvre.

How are we supposed to eat?  We don't have any spoons.

How are we supposed to eat? We don’t have any spoons.

We want to shishito pepper popper too!

We want a Shishito pepper popper too!



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