Fabulous Friday!

Pooches, after overnight rain we awoke this morning to cooler weather!  It was a splendid morning in the weather department and my manservant wasted no time in scurrying to his walk/run park.  As soon as he returned, he reported that for the first time in over a month he was not a ball of sweat after completion his walk/run.  The decision was made to undertake our excursion right away to enjoy early morning cool.

The Hybridmobile jovially carried us along my Trace and deposited us at my overlook.  Pooches, we had my overlook to ourselves!  Starlight and I wasted no time in seeking out the myriad of scents available to us.  We are convinced we came across the scent of a bear but my manservant said that was highly unlikely.  Humph.

It was a wonderful visit to my overlook but after a while I notified that I needed to return to our den in order to finish my fig preserves canning project.  I sent my manservant off to his yoga class while Starlight resumed her morning nap.  I canned.  I predict we will be eating a peanut butter and fig preserves sandwich for lunch today!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!


We have my overlook to ourselves.

We have my overlook to ourselves.

Aren't you coming?

Aren’t you coming?

I love my overlook!!

I love my overlook!!

Sunshine, I think I smell a bear!

Sunshine, I think I smell a bear!

I smell it too!

I smell it too!





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