Cancelled excursion!

Pooches, my manservant’s lethargy today resulted in our excursion for today being cancelled!  He did find the energy to go on his morning walk/run today but, judging from the length of time he was absent from our den it was done at a much slower pace than normal.  When he returned he reminded us that early excursions would be the order of the day for the hot days of summer but morning came and went with him mentioning it again.

We had a treat in store for us at lunch.  Not wanting to eat black beans and rice leftovers for lunch, my manservant headed to the market and returned with the ingredients for tacos!  Woo hoo!  The ingredients were cooked and assembled and we were soon gathered around the picnic bench enjoying munching away on them.  Starlight and I thought we surely would head out on excursion as soon as the dirty pots and dishes of lunch had been washed, dried and put away, but no.  My manservant fiddled around our den for quite some time.  I finally pointed out the darkening skies outside and, after he consulted the weather radar, he suggested an immediate excursion through the poochhood.

Starlight and I scurried outside just the rubbish lorry was tending to our rubbish bins.  We decided a fun excursion could be had by chasing the lorry through the poochhood but our excursion was abruptly cancelled when we reached the corner of our lane and the rain began pouring!

Grumbling, Starlight and I returned inside to begin our afternoon naps.  Our plan is to accompany my manservant to the pickup point for our weekly CSA box later in the afternoon.  Perhaps we can turn that into an excursion, of sorts.


Do I smell tacos?

Do I smell tacos?

Sunshine, the rubbish bin lorry is here!  Let's go chase it!

Sunshine, the rubbish bin lorry is here! Let’s go chase it!

Why don't our day lilies look like these?

Why don’t our day lilies look like these?

I guess this rain puts an end to today's excursion.  Phooey!

I guess this rain puts an end to today’s excursion. Phooey!



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