Fake excursion!

Pooches, I’m afraid my manservant overdid it yesterday during his gardening activity.  When we awoke this morning expecting him to head to his walk/run park as usual, his rising was accompanied by numerous sound effects, most of which sounded like he was being whipped!  A heating pad was quickly retrieved I prescribed for him several cups of hot coffee while reclining on said pad.

He eventually crawled into a hot bath and was much more mobile, although the sound effects continued with each move.  Starlight correctly predicted that the word of the day would be ‘caution’ and that an excursion today was unlikely.

In late morning my manservant suggested that we accompany him while he carried out a number of errands, including a stop by my pooch food store.  Starlight and I hurried to the Hybridmobile to let it know that my pooch food store should be the at the top of the list of places we had to visit.

When the errand-running finally was nearing completion, I pointed out to my manservant that we were near my school park and thought we might as well undertake a short visit.  The Hybridmobile headed in that direction and we soon arrived.  As we were ready to hop out for a stroll my manservant commanded the Hybridmobile to keep the doors locked!  Pooches, it seems my manservant’s idea of a brief excursion was to view my school park from inside the Hybridmobile.  Humph!

When we arrived back at our den my manservant tried to mollify Starlight and me by withdrawing boeuf patties from the icebox and placing them on the grill.  I must admit his trickery worked because once Starlight and I had our bellies full of boeuf we decided to forgive and forget.

Pooches, rain is threatening once again which will keep us indoors for the remainder of the day.  It’ll be a quiet afternoon around our den pooches, as my manservant will be reading and being cautious about his back while Starlight and I snooze.

But why can't we get out of the Hybridmobile?

But why can’t we get out of the Hybridmobile?


This is nothing more than a FAKE excursion!

Shame on you!  This is nothing more than a FAKE excursion.

It is done yet?

It is done yet?

Starlight and I are checking out our haul from the pooch food store.

Starlight and I are checking out our haul from the pooch food store.

What's for supper?

What’s for supper?

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