Oh no!

Pooches, today was my manservant’s day of obligation for his academic pursuit and he headed to his alma mater without attending to his morning walk/run.  His return in late morning was marked by the surprise appearance of my womanservant!  As it turns out, she is taking a road trip this afternoon to a faraway village in the mountains for the weekend.  Starlight and I are being left to care for my manservant in the absence of my womanservant.  We disappointedly shook our heads at each other knowing it would be a rocky weekend caring for my manservant who always gets quite cranky whenever my womanservant is absent.

We had to wave off any thought of an excursion today in order to help my womanservant pack her luggage and to get in some last-minute chair time before she departs.  Pooches, keep Starlight and me in your prayers this weekend as we have to deal with the incorrigible grouch.


There's no better way to start one's morning nap than in the SUNSHINE!!

There’s no better way to start one’s morning nap than in the SUNSHINE!!

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