Woe is me again!

Pooches, the day started off so innocently.  My manservant headed out to his walk/run park for his walk/run and returned to our den in fine spirits.  After a wee bit of puttering around our den, my manservant suggested that I hop in the Hybridmobile for a “special” excursion.

I should have known better, pooches!  The Hybridmobile seemed to be manically speeding down the double carriageway and I finally concluded we were headed to my vet.  HORRORS!

That was the case and I had to spend forever in the waiting room with pooches that were as unhappy as I was about our fate.  One by one they were called in to the torture chamber.  When it was my turn I fought valiantly but was overpowered by the vet’s army.  After several procedures that are unmentionable, the spears came out and I was given shot after shot after shot.

Exhausted, I finally escaped and returned to our den where I have spent the afternoon sleeping because of the foul drugs I was administered.  Starlight finally convinced me in this evening to take a short stroll to regain my strength.  That has been done and I’m back in our den awaiting the special treats I DESERVE after being subjected to such a horrid day!


Starlight, it was horrible!

Starlight, it was horrible!





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