Scheduled day

Pooches, my manservant was up early this morning and, instead of heading to his walk/run park for his walk/run he went in our library and plopped in his reading chair for a period of reading.  It seems he has much to do today and he carefully planned out a schedule for his day.  I asked what time our excursion was planned and, after consulting said scheduled, he said it was planned for 9:30 a.m.  Sheesh!

Eventually his time for reading expired and he headed outside to do a bit (45 minutes to be exact according to THE schedule) of garden work.  Tasks came and went until 9:30 rolled around.  As scheduled, we all headed to the Hybridmobile which ferried us (in a timely manner) to my Saturday park.  Pooches, it  has been forever since we had visited it and I was pleased to see that it weathered through the winter quite nicely.

A long stroll along the shoreline took place as Starlight and I had to greet all of our geese and duck friends.  It was a crisp morning with plenty of SUNSHINE which helped take away the chill.

All good things must come to an end and my manservant announced it was 10:15 and time to return to our den so he would be on time for his 11:00 yoga class.  When my manservant finally returned from yoga he headed to the kitchen to prepare our picnic lunch which was on the schedule for 12:15.  Starlight and I peered in the kitchen at some point and saw that he was plating raw veggies and hummus.  We both looked at him with dismay and disdain.  We were soon cheered when he began preparation of pita and mozzarella (known in these parts as a pita mozz).  When it was finally pulled from the broiler it was topped with pepperoncini and feta dressing.  Woo hoo!

A joyous journey to the picnic bench followed but it was short-lived because of the cold temperature.  We quickly returned to our inside dining hall where we encouraged my manservant to focus on the raw veggies and hummus while Starlight and I took care of the pita mozz!

Pooches, it is now time for the 1:30 trip to the market to acquire pantry supplies, followed by a 2:00 visit to the gym so my manservant can finally attend to his walk/run.  As soon as my manservant journeys to the market, Starlight and I plan to dispose of all clocks in our den.  Then, pooches, we will nap.


Sunshine, let's go over to the beach.

Sunshine, let’s go over to our beach.

There's no one around so no one will know if I dive in the water.

There’s no one around so no one will know if I dive in the water.

My manservant knows I don't like piers!

My manservant knows I don’t like piers!

We can play with them if we can get them out of the water.

They will be dandy to play with if we can get them out of the water.

It's an incoming goose.

It’s an incoming goose.

You can take away these pieces of carrots and hummus and replace them with a piece of pita mozz!

You can take away these pieces of carrots and hummus and replace them with all of the pita mozz!


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