Beating the spring break crowds excursion

Pooches, today we’re having one last day of fine spring weather before the rains move in tonight for a few days according to the weather prognosticators.  My manservant scurried off to his walk/run park early this morning before returning and finishing a few remaining back yard keeping tasks that went unfinished yesterday.  We decided to attempt an early excursion today (in hopes of avoiding the spring break crowds) shortly after we finished a surprise brunch of sausage, egg, and cheese on Scottish muffins!  Woo hoo!

Our plan to avoid the crowds worked to perfection!  We arrived at my overlook with only a handful of other pooches there strolling about the grounds.  Starlight and I made a beeline for the shoreline and had a grand time cavorting about my park.  After some time, we climbed the steep hill toward the Hybridmobile and continued with another stroll at the top of my overlook enjoying all of the spring wildflowers in bloom.

Our return to our den was marked by a bowl of butternut squash soup and pimento cheese sandwiches.  Having had brunch and lunch we are ready for long afternoon naps.


It's nice to be back at Sunshine's overlook when it isn't crowded.

It’s nice to be back at Sunshine’s overlook when it isn’t crowded.

Well, hey there ducks!

Well, hey there ducks!

Starlight, if this keeps happening my overlook is going to wash away!

Starlight, if this keeps happening my overlook is going to wash away!

I love spring's wildflowers!

I love spring’s wildflowers!

What a pear!

What a pear!


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