Excursion in the bloomin’ poochhood!

Pooches, it was quite foggy this morning when my manservant departed to his walk/run park for his walk/run.  I advised him to bleat frequently in the fog to advise other walkers/runners of his location in order to avoid a collision!

It was quite a slow morning in our den.  Starlight and I snoozed while my manservant attended to his housekeeping duties.  When the dust settled and he was finally was ready to depart for his yoga class he told Starlight and me that he had a surprise lunch in mind.  Of course, we were quite excited.  When he returned Starlight and I immediately grabbed the market bag out of his hand and peered inside.  Woo hoo!  He had obtained the necessary ingredients for thinfish and chips!

Because my womanservant frowns on us using the frying method of cooking, my manservant said we should do our cooking on the outside grill.  Stroke of genius, I’d say!  We paraded out to the grill and fired up the burner.  In no time we had the thinfish sizzling soon followed by the curly potatoes.  A delicious picnic was soon in full swing as we munched on the thinfish and chips.  Yum!

We performed a thorough cleaning after lunch to erase all evidence of our deed.  When the cleaning was complete my manservant suggested that our excursion could be a simple stroll through the poochhood.  That suggestion was met with approval because our full bellies didn’t have the energy for much more.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



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1 Response to Excursion in the bloomin’ poochhood!

  1. I love your use of “manservent” and “womanservent” – I always like to tell myself that Jack views my hubby and I as “Mum” and “Dad”, but your description is probably closer to the truth!

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