Aborted excursion

Pooches, yesterday’s torture session at my vet’s office left me drained today and in need of a day of recovery.  My manservant left for an early morning walk/run at his walk/run park and, upon his return, settled in our library for a day reading for his academic endeavor.  I welcomed the chance to have a day of napping.

In late morning my manservant suggested that we accompany him to the market to obtain the supplies to cook mujadara for tonight’s fare.  He suggested that after we left the market we could stop by my overlook for a short visit.  Having rested all morning I was feeling the need to stretch my legs and agreed on his plan.

The market was visited and the Hybridmobile was ferrying us down my Trace when the clock struck noon.  Pooches, my manservant groaned and immediately commanded the Hybridmobile to reverse course and hurry back to our den!  It seems some kindly gentlemen were scheduled to visit our den for a semi-annual physical on our heating and cooling systems and planned to arrive at noon.

When the Hybridmobile arrived at our den the kindly gentlemen were patiently waiting for our arrival.  As they performed their duties my manservant heated red beans and rice that was last night’s fare and we headed out to our faithful picnic bench.  When Starlight and I discovered the red beans and rice was vegetarian we abandoned my manservant and returned inside to enjoy a few duck strips.

Pooches, it is off to bed for me!


Starlight, if you don't face the camera we'll never get to eat!

Starlight, if you don’t face the camera we’ll never get to eat!

How's this?

How’s this?

What do you mean it is vegetarian and you didn't add any sausage!!!!!

What do you mean it is vegetarian and you didn’t add any sausage!!!!!


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