Odd lunch today

Pooches, we’re still in the cold weather and my manservant declined to go on his walk/run this morning.  We have been trying to have a day of rest and recovery after our trip to the beach last weekend and finally decided to have it today.  Most of the day been quite sedentary.

When my manservant returned from his yoga class, he headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch.  It was quite the odd lunch, pooches!  Because it was so cold outside Starlight and I figured our lunch would be one of the chili variety.  My manservant opened the door to the icebox, spied the remaining red beans and rice, groaned, moved the red beans and rice aside, and withdrew ingredients for a Caesar salad!  Humph!  What kind of lunch is that on a cold winter’s day, pooches?  I immediately requested some of the leftover ham and that was retrieved, as well as leftover grits.  I questioned the wisdom of eating the cold grits just as my manservant shooed us out of the kitchen and continued with lunch preparation.

It wasn’t long before we paraded out to our picnic bench where my manservant revealed our lunch of ham, the aforementioned salad, and grits cakes with maple syrup!  Starlight and I snubbed the offer of salad as well as the grits cakes (maple syrup makes our fur sticky) but cheerily ate our ham.  My manservant wistfully proclaimed the grits cakes as good as he remembered them being when he was a wee pup.

When lunch was completed we migrated toward the Hybridmobile and boarded it for our early afternoon excursion.  The Hybridmobile purred down the carriageway and entered my Trace in the direction of my overlook.  Albeit a wee bit cold, my overlook looked grand in the bright SUNSHINE and Starlight and I enjoyed sniffing about at the upper level.  It was decided not to journey down to the shoreline because of the copious amount of rain we have had of late.

We’re back at our den now wrapping up plans for a weekend of Mardi Gras celebration before the big day on Fat Tuesday when we will have our parade!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!

Laissz les Bons Temps Rouler!!!


We're chowing down on our ham while my manservant, the rabbit, eats his salad.

We’re chowing down on our ham while my manservant, the rabbit, eats his salad.

It's another pretty day at my overlook!

It’s another pretty day at my overlook!

If I could just get off this leash.....

If I could just get off this leash…..


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