Pooches, what distasteful weather!  Yesterday was storm-filled, including hail and lots of thunder!  The heavy rains of last night receded and turned to snow flurries during the night.  The snow continued off and on through the morning and early afternoon but thanks to a 1ºC temperature it did not linger and cause undue inconvenience.

My manservant declined to attend to his walk/run this morning.  Instead he alighted on his favorite chair and began a morning of reading.  Starlight and I would from time to time head outdoors to watch the snow falling but a bitterly cold wind would bring an abrupt change of heart and we would head back inside to resume our naps.

My manservant headed to his yoga class in his winterized yoga costume and, before returning, stopped by the delicatessen to obtain a large bowl of chili.  The chili was accompanied by a steaming mug of tea and we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the comfort of our den.

We discussed the possibility of an excursion but were in unanimous agreement that it was far to cold to attempt one.  Being leery anytime snow makes an appearance, the Hybridmobile beeped with glee when it heard of our decision.

It is going to be a long winter afternoon and evening in front of a fire for our pack, pooches!


I guess I can certify this to be a flurry.

I guess I can certify this is a flurry.

There is nothing that can beat a bowl of hot chili on a brutally cold day!

There is nothing that can beat a bowl of hot chili on a brutally cold day!

Let me in! My paws are frozen!!

Let me inside; my paws are frozen! 



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