A tale of woe and a Frosty excursion!

It was a frosty morning in these parts with a forecast of another cold day but Starlight and I were determined to undertake our normal excursion today in spite of the weather.  Pooches, yesterday was a complete disaster!  My manservant was a bit cross when he arose and declined to attend to his walk/run.  Instead, he placed a call to his teeth vet to arrange an emergency appointment for a hardware malfunction!  Said appointment was made for the middle of the afternoon and, as he awaited the time to leave, the decision was made to undecorate the dry kindling formerly known as our Christmas tree.  Starlight and I watched the bittersweet scene as ornaments were methodically packed away.  We all journeyed outside with tears in our eyes when my manservant unceremoniously dragged the naked tree to the curbside to await conversion to mulch for use in the village parks by the village authorities.  Pooches, it was a sad scene.

Things continued to go downhill as my manservant rushed to his yoga class only to find that the holiday break continued this week and classes would not resume until next week.  He glumly returned to await his dental appointment which was in the not-so-nearby village.  No excursion was offered by him and neither Starlight nor I dared to ask him for one.  Pooches, the hardware malfunction was eventually repaired without much trouble.

Today has been a much better day!  My manservant’s walk/run was relocated to his gym this morning because of the cold weather.  When he returned to our den he suggested an earlier excursion time than usual because he planned to be busy cooking and reading by late morning.  We immediately hopped in the Hybridmobile and gaily traveled down the lane headed toward my overlook.  When we arrived we found it completely vacant!  Starlight and I shouted with glee because we rarely get to enjoy it all to ourselves.  We busied ourselves enjoying all of the scents that had been left by nocturnal visitors.  It was still a bit frosty but staying in the SUNSHINE kept it bearable and we traveled to and fro along the waterfront.

My manservant eventually coaxed us back to the Hybridmobile saying he had to stop and the market before beginning his afternoon of cooking and reading.  A quick lunch of onion soup with cheese toast was enjoyed before his busy afternoon began.

Pooches, my womanservant and manservant are abandoning Starlight and me tonight because of plans to attend a theatrical performance in the nearby concrete jungle.  I assume they have made plans for our entertainment during their absence.


Starlight, we have my overlook to ourselves for a change!

Starlight, we have my overlook to ourselves for a change!

Starlight, there's still frost in the shady areas.  That's why our paws are cold.

Starlight, there’s still frost in the shady areas. That’s why our paws are cold.

I see that my leaning tree is still holding on to terra firma.

I see that my leaning tree is still holding on to terra firma.

Why do we have to go so soon?

Why do we have to leave so soon?

Are you sure we can't stay a wee bit longer?

Are you sure we can’t stay a wee bit longer?


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