Pooches, my manservant declared today to be an excursion-less day because of the cold and grey weather.  He said it would be good for us pooches to continue our resting up from Fred and Buttons visit.  Phooey!

When my manservant returned from his morning walk/run, he said he was in a quandary about whether to undertake the much-needed leaf raking outside or start the cleaning out of our den’s attic.  I suggested that neither sounded like much fun.  He said there was a third alternative:  pop some popcorn, hop on the Davenport, and watch movies!

We’ve been on the Davenport most of the day while my manservant munched popcorn and read from his long list of books for his upcoming academic exercise.  As a solace for not going on an excursion, a bone-in boeuf rib eye was broiled for lunch.  After finishing lunch I told my manservant I was somewhat solaced but another steak would probably complete the job.  He didn’t buy it, pooches.


He waits longer to say 'alright' when we have boeuf!

He waits longer to say ‘alright’ when we have boeuf!

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  1. Ralph says:


    Go for it!


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