Marooned in the poochhood

Pooches, today has been a wee bit out of the ordinary for our pack.  It all started as it usually does with my manservant heading to his walk/run park.  He was much later returning to the den than usual and he finally returned about the time I was going to call the authorities to report a missing manservant!  It seems his walk/run had gone according to plan but when my manservant returned to the Hybridmobile he spotted a flat paw!

Chagrined, my manservant began the arduous task of replacing the flat paw with a temporary paw.  My manservant said everything went wrong – from fractious lug nuts to a collapsing carriage lift.  A kindly law enforcement officer pulled alongside the Hybridmobile to offer assistance.  Pooches, the Hybridmobile excitedly talked with the police cruiser while my manservant and officer employed the use of the cruiser’s carriage lift.  Their efforts were finally successful and my manservant returned to our den after stopping by the carriage repair shop to order a replacement paw which will arrive in two days.

In the meantime our excursions will be limited to the poochhood because the Hybridmobile feels unsteady on the temporary paw.  After eating a fine hamburger and fries for lunch on our picnic bench, we headed down the lane for an early afternoon excursion.  Excitement was just around the corner where we spotted construction equipment and signs scattered around the carriageway.  Pooches, whoever had been there had dug a large hole in the carriageway and then left!

I told my manservant that we would have to have a few more strolls around the poochhood this afternoon to keep abreast of the activity and make sure that it is not nefarious!


No fair!  You've already taken a bite of our hamburger and we haven't been given the 'alright' command!!

No fair! You’ve already taken a bite of our hamburger and we haven’t been given the ‘alright’ command!!

Starlight, something is happening down the lane.

Starlight, something is happening in our poochhood!

The men that were working have left and they left a big hole in the carriageway.

The men that were working have departed and left a big hole in the carriageway!

Your arm isn't long enough!  You need a selfie stick.

Your arm isn’t long enough! You need to get a selfie stick.

Starlight and I are checking out the Hybridmobile's temporary paw.

Starlight and I are inspecting the Hybridmobile’s temporary paw.



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