Rain, rain, rain.

Pooches, we forgot what those chilly, rainy winter days were like…until today!  We awoke to chilly temperatures and a heavy mist from the overcast skies.  My manservant braved the inclement weather and headed to his walk/run park for his exercise regimen.  He returned to the den a short time later and announced that he had abandoned his attempt as the mist turned to light rain.

The rain soon began in earnest and, from observing the weather radar, we concluded that there would be no excursion today.  In an effort to soothe our disappointment, my manservant built a fire in the fireplace and placed our napping beds squarely in front.  Starlight and I enjoyed the relaxing in front of the fire until we dozed off.  My manservant read.

We were  awakened to the proclamation that a day like this was meant to have brunch.  Pooches, bangers and eggs had been prepared and we chowed down as we gathered on the floor in front of the fire.

It will be an afternoon of napping as the rain continues to fall outside.



Let us know when lunch is ready.  We'll probably be asleep.

Let us know when lunch is ready. We’ll probably be asleep.

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