Raking season arrives!

Pooches, my manservant returned from his walk/run in his walk/run park just as the sun was rising this morning.  He announced that our days of rest and recovery had ended and that it was time to begin the raking season.  Starlight and I, of course, preferred to stay inside and execute our morning naps.

My manservant raked all morning, vowing not to fall behind as he did last raking season.  In late morning we went outside to encourage him.  Starlight and I will normally play in the piles of leaves but, because of the several days of rain this week, we decided to eschew that activity because it would make our fur wet.

Excursion time was delayed while my manservant continued raking. I finally convinced him that a break was in order and that he deserved a tasty lunch as a reward for all his hard work.  Pooches, my manservant said we were going to a food establishment called a “drive-in.”  The Hybridmobile was quite excited to learn it could go into the food establishment too.  Woo hoo, pooches!

Once we arrived at the “drive-in” the Hybridmobile proudly selected a station at which to park.  Pooches, the kindly personnel there take your order over a speaker and then deliver it to your carriage!  Woo hoo!  Starlight and I immediately asked my manservant to get one of those speakers for our den.

Once our picnic lunch was obtained (pooches, my manservant won’t permit me to be more descriptive of our meal) the Hybridmobile glided quickly to my nearby school park.  Lunch was enjoyed in the Hybridmobile’s boot before a long excursion was undertaken along the waterfront.

We’re back at our den now where my manservant is headed outside armed with his rake.  Starlight and I shall nap.


We love our picnics in the Hybridmobile's boot!

We love our picnics in the Hybridmobile’s boot!

Just say the word and I'll make it disappear.

Just say the word and I’ll make it disappear.

During these pretty autumn days we'll have to come here frequently.

During these fine autumn days we’ll have to come here more often.

I don't know why this concrete pad is here but it keeps our paws dry.

I don’t know why this concrete pad is here but it is keeping our paws dry.

Finish your raking and stop threatening me with that rake!

Finish gathering the leaves and stop threatening me with your rake!


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